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  1. Desire of Ages: Precious Lessons from the Life of Christ: E-Book & MP3 Audio

  2. Wilderness Confrontation: The Temptation of Christ 1877: E-Book & MP3 Audio

  3. Were You There when They Crucified My Lord? The Passion Story 1877:

  4. The Parables of Jesus: E-Book & MP3 Audio

  5. Steps to Christ Your Pathway to Freedom:

  6. The Story of Jesus With Audio MP3

  7. Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing: E-Book & MP3 Audio

PDF E-Books & Articles

  1. Crosswalk

  2. The Wonderful Story

  3. Barabbas

  4. The Cost of the Cross

  5. The School of Christ

  6. People who found Jesus

  7. 300 Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled

  8. The Rabbinic Curse

  9. Look Up & Live