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Welcome! has been a continual internet presence since the 1990s seeking to bring you encouraging and inspirational materials all chosen to educate and inspire your daily walk with God.

Whether it's a true story to brighten a cloudy day, good reading material from our eBook Library, or an in-depth Bible Study Course, there is something here for everyone; so enjoy your visit and come back often!




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00. Incredible Power of Prayer!

1: Power of Creative Prayer - Study Course

2: The Science of Prayer: Its ABCs - Study Course

3: Youth Prays: God Answers - Study Course

4: Victory over Sin - Study Resources

5: E-Book Library of Prayer & Promise Resources

1. Look Upon Jesus

Desire of Ages: Precious Lessons from the Life of Christ: E-Book & MP3 Audio

The Temptation of Christ 1877: E-Book & MP3 Audio

Were You There when They Crucified My Lord? Passion Story 1877

The Parables of Jesus: E-Book & MP3 Audio

 Steps to Christ Your Pathway to Freedom:

The Story of Jesus With Audio MP3

Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing: E-Book & MP3 Audio

E-Books & Articles

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ: Only Believe?


The Wonderful Story


The Cost of the Cross

The School of Christ

People who found Jesus

300 Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled

The Rabbinic Curse

Christ is the Answer

2. Bible Courses

"MY BIBLE SCHOOL" Illustrated Bible Lessons and True Life Stories. A beginners course that you can study at your own pace.

Bible Readings for the Home Circle. Look up topics online or download the EBook!

Bible Companion Audio MP3 Library

Steps to Christ: How to come to Jesus. E-Book & MP3 Audio.

Patriarchs and Prophets: The Beginning of the Bible Story. E-Book & MP3 Audio.

Prophets and Kings: The Captivity and Restoration of Israel: E-Book & MP3 Audio

Desire of Ages: Lessons from the Life of Christ: E-Book & MP3 Audio

The Acts of the Apostles: Proclamation of the Gospel: E-Book & MP3 Audio

The Great Controversy: Between Christ & His Angels & Satan & his Angels: First Edition; 1858. PDF E-Book; and Audio MP3.

3. Nature's Paths

50 heart-warming stories about the Birds and Animals.

4. Inspirational Poems & Stories

37 Thought provoking stories from Life's events.

5. Truth for Today

1. Free Ebooks!

2. E-Books about the Secret Rapture:

The Last Night on Earth.

What the Bible says about: 'The Secret Rapture'.

Anything But Secret.

Rendezvous in Space

Antichrist & the 'Secret Rapture'

3. More About the Last Days & The Second Coming

Do You Hear Them?

In the Days of Noah.

The Lion and the Lamb.

The Fatal Word.

Out of the Cities!

Abomination of Desolation: Then and Now

Heaven is Real!

Pen Pictures of the New Earth

6. eBook Library

Online Inspirational Book: "Footprints of Providence"  


Escape from Death.pdf

Judy Steps Out.pdf


The Marked Bible.pdf

Straightening out Mrs. Perkins.pdf


The KJV & Modern Versions

Our Authorized Bible Vindicated

Battle of the Bibles

The Bible in the Critic's-den

David Dare.

Buried Evidence


The Song of the The Blessed Virgin 1:
The Song of the The Blessed Virgin 2:
Beautiful Bible Truths for Catholics

Friendly Talks on Vital Topics

Defending God.

Bible Baptism.

Once Saved: Always Saved?

The Origins of Evil.


The Vatican's Blessings?

Joy at the End of the Road

Facts of Faith.

Christmas; Easter & Halloween.

The Priest; The Woman and the Confessional.

Inside Rock Music.


An Hour with George Muller

The History of the Waldenses.

When Jesus Almost Came.

7. Healthful Living

ONLY ONE WAY That Heaven Approves!

Created Whole with a Warrantee!

Spirit of Prophecy documents in PDF: Study the Genuine 'Hygienic Health Message' for yourself!

8. Inspirational Gleanings from fruitful Fields

9. Beyond the Grave: Exploring the Occult.


10. Heavenly Glimpses:

Audio Recitations, Stories and Poems that Lift the Soul.

11. Devilution:

Answer to an Atheist

Exploring Darwin



Where Jurassic Park went Wrong

Creation Speaks

Evolution of a Creationist

Why We Believe in Creation

Amazing Story of a Former Evolution Professor:

12. Advent History

God's Hand in the Advent Movement: EBooks

Except as-we-shall-forget. a warning from History!

The Rise and Progress of the Advent Movement 1892.Ebook

The Great Second Advent Movement 1905. Ebook

Sister Ellen--Messenger to the Remnant

Stories of the Pioneers in the Great Advent Movement

13. Christian Character

Character Building for the Last Days; Home and Family; Modesty; Character and Personality; Entertainment.

 14. Bible Sabbath

Roger Williams; The Man who Dreamed of Liberty

A Tinker-Preacher.

Being Cast Out for Truth's Sake.

The Four Brave Jurors.pdf

Religious Freedom In America?.

Offender for the Word in SDA.

Massacre of St. Bartholomew eBook

The Inquisitive Christians eBook

15. Bible Prophecy


16. Believe His Prophets!