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Freedom is Falling

It was NOT Sunday keeping that made America great - - it was the Constitution! Now she is ready to throw it away! This newsletter is a must read for those who care about freedom of conscience.

 The World is Wondering! The Papacy has been trying to destroy the American Constitution ever since it was written and signed! Now she has it in her fist! This is a recipe to return to the slavery of the dark ages. When they talk about individual rights being sacrificed for "The Greater Good" stop and consider WHO exactly is the 'Greater' that will will receive this good while the individual is brought into slavery? It is a huge system of greedy bureaucrats led by the Papal power, who has always claimed it is her unalienable right to dictate to the consciences of the world--how much are they going to care about you? not at all really.

Advent History: entire section of exciting stories on the Great Advent Movement(26/10/2014)

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Our Freedom to Worship

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