Down Nature's Paths



A LARGE DOG was one day walking with great dignity along a street in Battle Creek when a bit of fluff about the size of a Pomeranian flew out of a yard, shrieking to all dogdom that he was going to eat up that big lump of good-for-nothingness that was invading his domain. The big fellow walked on, apparently oblivious of the bouncing hullabaloo that yip-yapped around his feet. The little fellow grew more frantic as he was ignored, and he dashed and feinted at the big one from behind and either side in a frenzy of jumping and squealing.

Still utterly snubbed by Mr. Big, the Pomeranian sprang toward his high-held head: The large dog looked calmly down a moment, then said, "Boo-oof," in a deep bellow. The sound seemed to flatten the little dog against the ground. Then the speed he developed for vanishing elsewhere was amazing. The big dog had hardly missed a step in his majestic march.

At a friend's home I was once asked to walk her pet Pom on a leash around the block. Forgetting the preceding dog drama, I paid no attention when a strange woman and a child approached me, accompanied by a stately Collie. But the next moment the Pom had snatched the light cord from my fingers and had it tangled in and out around the Collie's legs, where the Pom had frantically run in a spasm of yapping. Amid laughter from the humans, we extricated the little Pom and his leash, while the big dog stood perfectly still, scarcely deigning a glance at the diminutive sputterbudget.

One day a neighbor I counted a friend did me a perfectly contemptible bit of two-faced meanness. Discovering it suddenly, I was seized with an inner frantic convulsion of rage. "If I did what I feel like," I said to an office mate, "I would do so-and-so," naming what seemed like a very neat revenge.

He held up thumb and finger about an inch apart as he replied, "If you did, you would be exactly the same size that he is."

I thought of the two calm big dogs and decided I. preferred their magnanimous_ carriage to being Pom-sized.

Speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee. Job 12:8.