Inspirational Stories

Parables, Poems, and People


"Fire! Fire!"

"The people filled the theater on the night of the play,

and as the curtain time drew near, a man came on stage.

"I must make an announcement, won’t you listen to me?

The building is on fire , everybody must leave."

‘Fire, Fire!" said the people, "Now what could this mean?

This man must be an actor. It’s the opening scene,"


The man on stage looked worried. He said, "This is no act.

The building is on fore. What I say is a fact.

So won’t you exit quickly now, and leave row by row?

You might as well evacuate– there won’t be a show"

"Fire, fire!" said the people, "This man has appeal.

Why, the way he acts, you want to think the fire is real.

Then from the wings a stagehand came– his eyes filled with fear.


He shouted to the people- "Listen, get out of here!

Now can’t you people understand – this isn’t an act?

So everybody evacuate, and leave from the back."

"Fire, fire!" said the people, "Now why should we go?

This actor is a genius! He’s stealing the show."

"Get out! Get out, I say! You’ll burn from neglect."

The critics know the repetition used for effect.

"Now I can see," the stagehand said, "This is a lost cause."

And then his words were drowned in cheers and thunderous applause.


"Fire, fire!" said the people, " let’s make this a flick.

With the stagehand for an actor, they will use every trick.’

Then from underneath the curtain came a bright yellow flame,

and the stagehand shouted frantically, "You folks are insane.

I’m telling you for the last time there is a real fire."

Then he disappeared and the people cheered, and the flames rose higher.


‘Fire, fire! Said the people, "It seems awfully hot.

Just stage effects to make you think there’s a fire when there’s not.’

‘Fire, fire! Said the people, they started to joke-

"Although its fake, it billows great, it’s just like real smoke."

‘Fire, fire! Said the people, "Now why should we go?

These men are only actors. It’s the ultimate show!"


How foolish! you are thinking

For the People at that show--

To think the thing was all made up

And real fire not know.


But how is it with you my friend?

The signs are all around

Last day events are pressing near

Yet you heed no warning sound!


From TV and from Movies

Our mind set has been gained

And when we see reality

Our credulity is strained.


The warning angels cry aloud

Our probation ticks away

And yet we love our fantasies

Have fun!--it's all a play.


The day is coming quickly

Hell's path with 'good intentions' paved;

When the terrible cry will echo

Harvest's past--and we're not saved!!