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"Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven." Matthew 18:10


The Mysterious Mr. Green

I was raised on a country road in what was then the small town of Oshawa. The year was 1939 and it was summertime. I was to go to the house next door in a day or two to take care of three small children while their parents were going on a trip.

On this day, all was still in our house, when there came a gentle knock on the kitchen door just inside the porch. Upon our opening the door, a stranger stood facing me; dressed in a hat, open jacket, shirt trousers and shoes.

The man looked past me to where my father was sitting in his own special place, from which he could see anyone come into the yard from either direction. But he had not seen the man come up the steps to the porch door.

The man spoke to my father, “My name is Mr. Green. I have a message for your oldest daughter.”

My father invited him to enter and called my sister Rose and myself to stand before the man. Rose was one year younger than I was, but at that time was taller and looked older than me, as I was small for my age.

However Mr. Green never gave a glance towards my sister, he looked directly at me and began to speak.

“You are going to be caring for the Wallace children in two days time. You must persuade Mrs. Wallace to also leave the baby at home with you. They are leaving for Huntsville, but the car will go over the bank and be wrecked. No one will be hurt, but if Mrs. Wallace has the baby with her, it will go through the windshield and be killed.”

Upon saying this, he again turned to my father and said, ”Thank you, I have delivered my message and must go now; Good bye.”

Right away I felt an impulse to run to the window to see him leave. To my surprise, he never left the porch. I mentioned this to my father and went and opened the kitchen door to see if he was there.  But the porch was empty.

I was bewildered, but my father said, “You weren’t watching; he must have gone off the side of the step.” I said nothing, but I knew he had not gone through that door. I wondered much about his message to me.

The next day I went next door and talked Mrs. Wallace into leaving baby Ray home with me. At first she hesitated, then she decided she would rather leave the baby home.

I inquired around to see if any of the neighbours knew a ‘Mr. Green’, but no one did. I sort of forgot about Mr. Green as I started my job caring for the children and the baby while the Wallace’s went on their journey.

Two days later, I was again at home and the children were with me, when there came a knock on the door. I answered, and to my surprise found young Jimmy Wallace standing there, looking very pale.

I said, “Jimmy, what are you doing here? I thought you all went to Huntsville?”

Jimmy replied, “Mom wants the boys. The car went over a steep bank and was wrecked.”

“Alright”, I said, “Go home and I will bring the children and come right away.”

Upon reaching the Wallace home, I listened as Mrs. Wallace told of how the car was wrecked. Then she said, “I can’t thank you enough for having me leave Ray with you. If he had been with me, he would have been thrown through the windshield and been killed.” I was amazed and only then remembered Mr. Green and his message.

Years have passed and I have become acquainted with the work of God’s Angels. Mr. Green was an angel from God, but I have often wondered was he my angel, or the baby’s guardian? Only God knows and only eternity will tell the story. Grace Taylor