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Cha-cha and Corky

 He calleth his own sheep by name, ... and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. John 10:3,4.

Two things Cha-cha the parrot loved more than anything else in the world: sitting on the back porch in the sun and playing pranks on Corky, the collie who slept at the foot of the steps.

Cha-cha listened to his master's voice when the farmer ordered the collie to fetch the cows each evening and to later return them to the field. Cha-cha, being a bird too smart for his feathers, discovered that he could imitate the farmer's voice and Corky would obey.

Throughout the hot, summer days the parrot would tell the dog to bring in the cows, then a short time later order him to return them to the field. After a week or two poor Corky was exhausted. So were the cows. Their milk production dropped from all the exercise, and Corky hardly had enough energy left to crawl to his bowl for his supper.

Cha-cha's fun stopped when the farmer discovered what the bird was doing and moved Cha-cha's perch to the porch on the other side of the house.

Parrots and collies, shepherds and sheep--the difference is that we can be smarter than Corky. By knowing God's Word, we will recognize the difference between His voice and that of precocious parrots or deceitful demons.