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Adventures in Truth

A collection of Vintage Books from earlier years.

Escape from Death: The Slaybaugh Story
 Amazing True Story of a determined Search for Truth, A Terrible Accident and a Miracle of Healing.

Judy Steps Out

A Nurse's escape from purgatory:


The Marked Bible

 A Rebellious Son; A Mothers Love; lead to an "Adventure in Truth"

Straightening Out Mrs. Perkins

They just had to set the dear lady straight:

Friendly Talks on Vital Subjects

Readable Conversations on Important Bible Topics

The Repairing of Sam Brown

A Mechanic's Adventure in  Truth:

Breaking One Means Breaking Ten.

An Infidel leans an interesting fact.

Search for Paradise

For thousands of years, mankind has searched for paradise.

John Green's Pocket

A Story from Fact to Whom it may Concern.

Showdown in Siberia 

Amazing True Adventure in the Far North of Russia

Bricks for Sale

A bright, helpful story, with a happy ending, about a family that rose out of squalor and poverty  

 I Became An Advent Believer
Stories of spiritual struggle and triumph by successful men and women who found Christ and peace in the Advent message

More Stories:

"Footprints of Providence" Online Book:

God Called to David.

  I Saw Thee Phillip.

  And There was One.

Bible Facts

  The KJV & Modern Versions

 Our Authorized Bible Vindicated

 Battle of the Bibles

  The Bible in the Critic's-den

  Buried Evidence

Exploring Bible Truths

The Song of the The Blessed Virgin 1:
The Song of the The Blessed Virgin 2:

Defending God.

Bible Baptism.

Once Saved: Always Saved?

Exploring History

  The Vatican's Blessings!

  Facts of Faith.

  The Priest; The Woman and the Confessional.

  Inside Rock Music.

  The History of the Waldenses.

  When Jesus Almost Came.

  Joy at the End of the Road

Present Truth Issues

Planet in Rebellion.pdf

National SundayLaw Crisis.pdf

Beginning of the End.pdf

Mark of the Beast.pdf



The Secret Rapture:

The Last Night on Earth.

What the Bible says about: 'The Secret Rapture'.

Anything But Secret.

Rendezvous in Space

Antichrist & the 'Secret Rapture'

More About the Last Days & The Second Coming

In the Days of Noah.

The Lion and the Lamb.

The Fatal Word.

Out of the Cities!

Abomination of Desolation: Then and Now

Heaven is Real!

Pen Pictures of the New Earth

Never Read a Bad Book!

Never, under any circumstances, read a bad book; and never spend a serious hour reading a second-rate book. No words can overstate the mischief of bad reading.

A bad book will often haunt one his whole life long. It is often remembered when much that is better is forgotten. It intrudes itself at the most solemn moments, and contaminates the best feelings and emotions. Reading trashy, second-rate books is a grievous waste of time also.

In the first place, there are a great many more first-rate books than you can ever read or master; and in the second place, you cannot read an inferior book without giving up an opportunity of reading a good one.

Books, remember, are friends; books affect character. Therefore, read only good books.