Seven Seasons


Seven Seasons of Silence. 

1. It is never in season to speak until we have a call.

2. It is a season to be silent when we are not rightly informed upon the question to which we must speak.

3. When we know the state of a question, yet must not speak without suitable preparation, either actual or habitual.

4. It is a season to be silent when what we speak is likely to be a snare unto ourselves.

5. As it is a season for silence when the passions and corruptions of others are excited, so we are to be silent when it is thus with ourselves.

6. It is a season for silence, when men are not capable of attending to what we speak.

7. It is a season for silence, when what we speak may be a grief and burden to the spirits of any, especially of those that are already afflicted. - Caryl on Job xiii,5.   {June 12, 1855 JWe, ARSH 245.27}


Seven Seasons of Speaking

1. When by speaking we may bring glory to God and good to our brethren.

2. When we have an opportunity to vindicate the honor and truth of God.

3. When we may relieve the credit of a brother that is wronged.

4. When by speaking we may instruct or direct those that are ignorant.

5. When we comfort and support those that are weak.

6. When we may resolve and settle those that are in doubt.

7. When we may duly reprove and convince those that do evil. 

At such times as these we ought to speak; for then to be silent is our sin and weakness. - Caryl.   {June 12, 1855 JWe, ARSH 245.35}

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