We tremble in the struggle,
And often by the way
We cast our anxious glances
Across the passing day.
It may be truth has fallen,
While wrong stands in its might;
The struggle waits unsettled
Until it's settled right.

 Kingdoms and empires perish,
But truth lives on and still
It molds the passing ages
As by an iron will.
And when at last the reckoning
Appears in judgment light,
The things forever settled
Will all be settled right.

 Man in his haste proposes,
But higher than the stars,
The Hand that holds all destinies
Its purpose never mars.
Then perish every fancy
With all that hates the light;
There's nothing ever settled
Until it's settled right.

-Robert Hare

It is strange we trust each other,
And only doubt our Lord.
We take the word of mortals,
And yet distrust His Word;
But oh, what light and glory
Would shine o'er all our days
If we always would remember
God means just what He says.

-A.B. Simpson