Appendix II: Creation Scientists

Another charge often leveled by evolutionists is that creationists are ignorant, backwards "Bible thumpers" with no education, or that they oppose true science. While it is unfortunately true that most scientists of today have been so thoroughly indoctrinated into the dogma of evolution in their training that they believe it to be a fact, it is also true that there are many scientists with Ph.D's in various fields who do not adhere to the doctrine of evolution and who are staunch creationists with a strong faith in the Bible.
Many of these creationist scientists were not brought up believing in creation, after all, to get a university degree in practically any of the physical sciences in most universities today one is taught that evolution is a fact, and many of these creationist scientists were former evolutionists themselves, however after an honest appraisal of the facts they were open minded enough and humble enough to recognise that what they had been taught to believe was a fact in their High School and College years was nothing but a specious fantasy.
 It is also true that most of the founders of the major scientific disciplines over the past two centuries were creationists with a firm belief in God.
I am indebted to the Answers in Genesis organization for the following list of scientists who have doctorates in a variety of fields and who have examined the evidence for themselves and come to the conclusion that creationism is a much better explanation for the origin of the universe and the origin of life than the lifeless theory of evolution.
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Present Creationist Scientists:

Present Creationist Scientists—Individuals on this list must posess a doctorate in a science-related field
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