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Exploring Darwin

The articles in this section have been selected from 'The Darwin Papers', a former website created by James Foard. He stated: "The Darwin Papers may be freely copied and distributed for non profit use." So we are including it here for those who really wish to look deeper into the modern ideas of evolution. In the book Please bear in mind that as we are not the author of this material we may not necessarily agree with every statement made in these articles.

Editor Present Truth.


Origins, evolution, creationism, Darwin. The debate reaches from the science laboratory to the Supreme Court. Read about the young Charles Darwin and how he wrote The Origin of Species.


01-The Untold Story of Charles Darwin

02-Edward Blyth

02-2-Mark Isaak's Evolutionary Tale

03-The Origin of Evolution

04-The Origin of Species

04-2 The Origin of Species: Part 2

05-The Fossil Record

Appendix I: Taking Darwin out of Context

Appendix II: Creationist Scientists