Inspirational Items for Your Daily Walk with Jesus:

Daily Bible Study and Secret Prayer is the Christian's  Power-link!

 "Satan well knows that all whom he can lead to neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures, will be overcome by his attacks. Therefore he invents every possible device to engross the mind."

"All who would be efficient workers must give much time to prayer. The communication between God and the soul must be kept open, that the workers may recognize the voice of their Captain."



On earth's busy highways the traffic is dense.
The trading on Wall Street is eager and tense.
The TV is blaring, The rock bands play loud
To the hurrying, flurrying, scurrying crowd.

Oh, money's the object, and winnings the goal,
And nobody has any time for his soul.
The poor man, he envies and steals from his brother,
And the rich are as busy defrauding each other.

        So love hides her face while self sits on the throne,
And each man is occupied seeking his own,
While dark clouds are threatening above them, unseen;
Soon, Soon they will sweep away all the bright dream.

  And far in the heavens there sounds a wild cry—
     As wide as the earth and as high as the sky—
    Swift on the winds the stern message is hurled,
  Three high-flying angels are warning the world.

    The storm's mad approach meets their far-seeing eye
   And they shout out the warning to men as they fly:
    "Come and flee to the shelter; Oh, flee while ye may;
Your last precious moments are ticking away.

       "Death threatens! Why linger here in the storms path?
       Soon, Soon all will drink from the cup of God's wrath.
Listen, oh listen.  Hush all of the noise—
    Silence the music— Lay down your bright toys.

"Soon the tempest will strike with it's death-dealing shock.
  Oh, Jesus will hide you.  Then flee to the Rock!"
      The cry floats through jungles of steel and concrete,
     But the earth-ears are tuned to the rock-music beat.

    Their eyes on their treasures, their hearts full of sin,
  Their ears are so deadened by earth's frantic din
That few are the earthlings who lift up their eyes
Or hear the wild voices that sound from the skies.

            Hark! Hark! Pause and listen. Have you ears that hear?
The voices are urgent. The message is clear.
While mercy yet lingers respond to the cry—
For why will you die?  Oh, why will you die?

Jeannie McReynolds