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The Book the Devil Hates!

In 1858 the Lord's Messenger was given and amazing vision at a Funeral Service in Lovett's Grove. After more than 2 hours in vision, during which time she did not breathe, she spoke to the people who had remained in the church during the vision and gave them a summary of some of what she was shown.

Anxious to begin writing the material, the White's headed home. On the Way, Sister White suffered an attack from the devil who was determined to paralyze and kill her so that the material would not be written or published--not ever! Here is the story and the book first written from the vision, the 1858 Great Controversy! We have the story, and the Book in PDF and Audio for your enjoyment.

The Story of GC

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The 1858 Great Controversy Book


Although all the following Great Controversy Editions, the 1884, the larger 1888 and even the 1911 revision, are valuable to read, and share, and all contain much vital information, the 1858 remains special as no other book gives us so much information about the activities of the devil and his angels behind the scenes. This really helps us to understand more of the confusion going on in our world today! Also this provides a condensed look at history in a form a person can read quickly, so it is helpful for those who would get bogged down in the larger volumes and fail to see the flow and pattern of sacred history in our world. We hope you enjoy this rare jewel as much as we do!

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