This is your special invitation; whether young or old; to go exploring in the Greatest Book ever written!

About 'My Bible School'

Description of graphic.Introducing the Features of this Course:

1: Each of the 31 Lessons has the Bible Lesson;

2: A True Story Illustration for each lesson;

3: A high-quality PowerPoint Slideshow;

4: The same Slideshow in pdf file.

5: Printable Testing Quizzes in pdf (Teacher's Answer Sheet here.)

6: Printable pdf files of the Lesson and True Story Illustrations;

7: Many Lessons have pdf supplementary material.

This Basic Bible Course uses the Authorized King James Version of the Bible. We have included the complete Authorized Version Bible in PDF files for those who may not have one available to look up the references for this Bible School Series.

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Old Testament A: Genesis-Job

Old Testament B: Psalms-Malachi

New Testament

Note: Our studies use the King James Authorized version as it is the most accurate to the original uncorrupted Mss.  A  Free EBook is provided in the Library to give you more information on this choice.